Skipsi Balloon Stuffing Tool SK605

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Skipsi Balloon Stuffing Tool SK605 Description

Borosino Balloon Stuffing Tool This balloon stuffing tool is specifically designed to be able to fill a 36′ or 3 foot balloon with smaller balloons. It can be filled with twisting balloons, 5′ balloons, 11′ or even 16′ balloons. It can create a ‘gumball machine’ type look easily. Simply attach the tool onto a sturdy table, then attach the included hose and nozzle to an electric air inflator (sold separately). You can then inflate the 36′ balloon partially (not all the way or it will explode when you put in the smaller balloons!). After the larger balloon has been started, you can stuff in a smaller balloon and inflate it from the inside with the included tool. Once the balloon is tied off it can be released inside. Continue until you have all the balloons you want inside the larger balloon. If it is too big, you can let some air out. If it needs more air, you can use the nozzle to put air directly into the larger balloon as well. Create ‘gumball’ balloons effortlessly. Tool allows you to stuff a 36′ balloon with smaller balloons. Make a huge impact at any event! **Electric Air Inflator and Balloons Sold Separately.**

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